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Secrets & Lies

Treasure hunter Persephone Case is very good at what she does. But she’s even better at pirating, and the Cutter brothers are her only targets. For years, she’s played a game of cat and mouse in an attempt to get them to confront her. But it isn’t until she meets their new partner—and her wicked one weekend stand—Finn Gallagher, that she’s truly caught.

 Artifacts Worth Killing For

Billionaire Finn Gallagher has a lot of interests—sunken treasures, space travel—and the fiery redhead who scorched a place in his mind and libido one weekend in Buenos Aires. So imagine his surprise when he finds her onboard his gigayacht, Blackstar, acting as an official for the Ministry of Antiquities. Convenient, because he can’t keep his hands off her.  

An Ancient Prophesy

Unfortunately, what Persephone can’t seem to keep her hands or mind off of are the golden tablets discovered on the ancient ship wrecks beneath the sea. Relics that foretell a dire prophesy. But Finn and Persephone aren’t the only ones after the tablets. Members of a radical Patagonian sect want the tablets too. And they’ll do anything to get their hands on them. Even kill...

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Whirlpool - Kindle Version

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