Undertow Extended Edition - Kindle
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The first eBook in the Cutter Cay series. Treasure, adventure,and romance awaits…  

Romantic Times (4 1/2 stars). . . an underwater treasure hunt that is thrilling and hazardous! Nonstop action plays off the treachery and danger. When you add in the sensuous sizzle you have the full Adair package.

Booklist. . . Adair leaves readers eager to dive into the next novel in her Cutter Cay series.

Cherry Adair sets a dangerous course into uncharted waters, where the hottest treasures- and steamiest pleasures – lie waiting for any man or woman bold and brace enough to claim them. . .

Teal Williams is content with her career as a ships master mechanic; until Zane;Casanova Of The Caribbean; Cutter makes her an offer she can't refuse: to climb on board his scrap-heap of a boat, the Decrepit for a real-life treasure hunt. Teal must help him dredge up a shipwrecked vessel containing an abundance of gold silver and emeralds- and she'll claim part of the prize.

Zane needs a mechanic-not a lover- and Teal, who can dive, is perfect for the job. So it suits him just fine that Teal is completely immune to his charms. . . or so he tells himself. But with a deadly enemy in their midst- one who's silently edging closer- Zane and Teal sink into troubled waters. Trapped in the middle of a perilous sea, they have no one to turn to but each other as they face down a danger that runs fathoms deep- and a passion that runs even deeper. . .

Fresh Fiction . . . UNDERTOW is the beginning of an exciting and witty new series enriched with fun characters and action-packed drama. I literally could not put it down!
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Undertow Extended Edition - Kindle

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