Tropical Heat Enhanced (A Short Story) Kindle Version
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A T-FLAC Short Shot
Originally Published 2008

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As usual I have not one bad thing to say about this book except that I was sorry it ended! Sam and the good Doctor were hot hot hot!!!!

Special ops tactical instructor Sam Pelton trains T-FLAC operators for high-risk counterterrorism environments. He’s had his eye on reserved Dr. Elizabeth Goodall for some time. But the good doctor isn't exactly falling at his feet, so he has to move slowly to romance her. Then things get really hot- tropical hot – when he discovers Beth has been kidnapped by a madman while attending a seminar in Cape Town. Sam has to get her the hell out of the jungles of Africa before they realize they've kidnapped the wrong doctor.
To escape from a brutal warlord, they must confront a powerful attraction that could prove more treacherous than the wilds of the jungle…

I love everything Cherry Adair writes in the T-FLAC series. The men are always HOT and there is always a lot of action.

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Tropical Heat Enhanced (A Short Story) Kindle Version

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