Playing for Keeps Enhanced (A Short Story) ePUB Version
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A T-FLAC Short Shot

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Romance Reviews Today: Danger, passion, and the rediscovery of love are what Cherry Adair’s Playing For Keeps is all about.

Playing For Keeps is an adventure just waiting to happen, and all you have to do is open the book and let it begin.

Flight Attendant Danica Cross has a bad feeling about this flight. The only passengers are el Presidente Palacios's young son and his entourage of bodyguards. One minute everything is going along smoothly, and the next all hell breaks loose. Danica's last thoughts right before the crash are of her ex-husband, Jon Raven, and that she still loves him.

Jon Raven is going out of his mind. When he hears about the plane crash, his heart nearly stops. But it's when he surveys the crash site that Jon knows he has to find Danica and bring her back where she his arms. Jon finds her in San Cristóbal drugged and bruised. His instincts are screaming that it's time to get Danica and get the heck out of Dodge.

Playing for Keeps is all about second chances. Jon has never stopped loving Danica, and if he has his way, there will be no divorce. Danica is a strong woman, but she becomes putty in Jon's hands. That's the way it's always been and it looks as if it will always be.

"Romance Junkies": . . .romantic suspense with a bang! As always, it's only the best from Cherry Adair

A Romance Review: . . . mystery, danger, fabulous characters and lots of sexual tension!

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Playing for Keeps Enhanced (A Short Story) ePUB Version

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