Hurricane - Extended Edition    Kindle Version
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Rydell Case’s ship is his home, his heart, his reason for being. Sailing the sea in search of treasure is how Ry
has always made a living—until now. When his ship is hijacked, Ry’s salvaging business is sure to bottom out. . .
unless he can come up with enough cash to stay afloat. His ex-wife, who’s dating a royal billionaire, might be 
the only one who can help Ry’s cause. If only she didn’t despise him more than any man on earth. . .

When Addison D’Marco boards the Tesoro Mio and finds her ex-husband hiding out in her cabin, she can barely
 believe her eyes: Ry is more handsome—and more desperate—than she ever could have imagined. But she 
can’t believe he has the nerve to ask for money. . .all while reigniting her long-forgotten desires. Could it be 
that, amid troubled waters, Addy and Ry have found a second chance at love—or does fate have something 
else in store?
  • Kindle Version: Kindle Version
  • Print Length: 355 pages
  • Item #: hurricanekindle
  • Manufacturer: Adair Digital Press

Hurricane - Extended Edition Kindle Version

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