Edge of Fear Enhanced -T-FLAC/PSI Trilogy- Book 2
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Back Cover Copy - Book 2

 He would relive the past to save the woman he loves.

 The fearless Caleb Edge is one of three brothers assigned to the top-secret paranormal unit of an elite counter terrorism group. As a prized T-FLAC agent, Caleb uses his special mystical gifts to rewind history, halt evil in its tracks, and protect innocent people . . . like Heather Shaw.

The beautiful daughter of a terrorist financier, Heather watched her father brutally murder her mother. Now, to escape his clutches, Heather begins a new life, far from the realm of power and privilege in which she grew up. On the hunt for Heather’s father, Caleb hopes that Heather can lead him to his target, and he’ll do anything—even if it means using his striking good looks to his advantage—to achieve his objective. But in the face of malevolent forces, Caleb never anticipated a burning conflict between duty and desire, or that he might have to use his power to turn back time—not for justice, but for love.

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Edge of Fear Enhanced -TFLAC/PSI Trilogy- Book 2 Kindle

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