Edge of Danger Enhanced -T-FLAC/PSI Trilogy- Book 1 ePUB Version
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Back Cover Copy - Book One

 In Edge of Danger - Enhanced, a counter-terrorist operative in T-FLAC’s classified paranormal unit, the intrepid, handsome Gabriel Edge protects the world from the forces of evil by using his unique powers. When an ingenious and extremely volatile invention is stolen from a covert Arizona lab, Gabriel zeroes in on the brilliant young scientist who helped to create the device. Using mysterious telepathic power and his seductive physical charm, Gabriel must infiltrate Eden Cahill’s mind to uncover the secrets he desperately needs to solve the crime. But a centuries-old family curse puts Gabriel in a bind. For the only way to penetrate Eden’s memories is through one shared intimate encounter that will shatter lives, trigger revelations, and just might save humanity—at a terribly price.

He’s hot. He’s handsome. He’s saving the world.

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Edge of Danger Enhanced -TFLAC/PSI Trilogy- Book 1 ePUB Version

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