Cherry Adairs' Writers' Bible
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Cherry Adairs' Writer's Bible

A Left Brain Organizational Tool for Right Brain Writers



     My Writers' Bible is a left brain organizational tool for right brain writers.

     As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have a deep passion for mentoring writers…from fledgling writers to authors with several books under their belts. I also have a love and passion for writing my action adventure romance novels, and work very hard for the successes that I have earned for them.  Over the last decade or so, I’ve managed to do both things that bring me personal joy and still have my sexy, sassy, fast-paced novels appear on numerous bestsellers’ lists, win dozens of awards and garner praise from reviewers and fans alike.  I feel incredibly lucky.  It isn’t the kind of luck that just rained down on me as I stood idly by daydreaming, though. I had to work for it and so do you.

     So many people say they want to write a book, but they never sit their butts in the chair and actually write. Others plant  their butts in the chair, but once the initial glow of awesomeness wears off a bit, they stare at that annoyingly blinking cursor, trying to figure out why the story/characters/motivation, etc., just aren't working.

     Writing is not for sissies. It's hard, hard work. And solitary work at that.

     The truth is, even with forty books under my belt and years of success, I loathe writing first drafts. To me it's like wading through wet cement, and it takes me forever because there's always something I'd rather be doing. Which is why I no longer write by the seat of my pants. I plot and then plot some more, so that the map of my story is easy to follow and relatively painless. Once that first draft is done, it's another story. I can't be torn away from my computer. I go back and layer and texture, polish, tweak, and fluff!

     This Writers' Bible  is *my* answer to all of the above. It's what gets me through my first drafts and it is the tool that helps me conceptualize and complete each book. I hope it will be yours, too. So whether you're like me, and hate the first draft, or the first draft is what keeps you motivated, my Writers' Bible will keep you on track and inspire you to get the words on the page.

     I have been using, adding to, and refining this Writers' Bible for more than 20 years! It has evolved over time as I learned, found better ways and gained writing experiences. The reason for having it in the first place is simple. I don't want to keep reinventing the wheel every time I start a new book. I like to get all of my left brain functions out of the way, so that when I start the story my creative side can take flight. Not only is everything I need in one place, I don't have to try to remember what I will need halfway through the book. I love this method so much (it has, after all, assisted me in writing over 40 books <G>) that I never start a book without  filling this in first.

      When people in my craft classes ask me how *I* go through the beginning stages of writing, plotting, researching, and building 3-D characters I show them my Writers' Bible, with my own work in progress. Everyone wants it. I must admit, while I love helping other authors, I was a bit reticent about sharing  twenty years of hard work with everyone. My eagerness, desire and passion to help other authors is such an important part of my life. I *want* to make things a little easier for you, I want to help your writing become a little smoother, to remind you of things you've either forgotten or didn't know in the first place. Sharing this important piece of my work is my way of saying I care about your success. It will help you get all the left brain functions out of the way so that you will write quickly, smartly, and cleanly.

     I want you to write brilliantly, and fearlessly. I want to see you soar.

     I'd love to hear how my Writers' Bible works for you, and of course I want to know about your sales after  you've had time to use my method.

     Cheers,  Cherry


     I have an active motivational group on Facebook called Butt In Chair Challenge (BICC) for anyone who needs a weekly nudge. To participate you must report in once a week with your anticipated word or page count, then come back the following week to let me know if you've met your goal.  (threats and bribes are involved) I've kicked a LOT of butts over the years, and have dozens and dozens of published books filling the shelves in my office from people I've mentored and helped keep on track.

     I sincerely hope that my Writers' Bible is your magic key to wild success.


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