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Professional Copy Editing, Cover Art, Formatting, A Blog Tour, and Conference Fee to RT Booklovers Convention 2018!

 Rise to Cherry Adair’s FTDB Challenge


By submitting payment I agree that the book I am entering in the FTDB2017 challenge will be started on or after April 1st 2017, though plotting, building characters, and research may be done prior to this date. I also acknowledge that I have reviewed the rules of the FTDB challenge that are posted at I agree to abide by the FTDB rules and acknowledge that failure to follow the rules will result in disqualification from the contest without a refund of the entry fee. I further understand that there will be only one Grand Prize Winner and if I am that winner I will be notified on January 16th, 2018. I further understand that upon notification that I am the winner, in the event my names is selected, I will have only 24 hours to turn in my completed, polished and fabulous book to Cherry to be sent to a professional copy editor immediately. If the book is not received by Cherry in a polished state by midnight on January 17th, I will forfeit the Grand Prize, and another name will be drawn. (You do NOT want this to happen! Finish The Damn Book and make it shine!)

Payment of the $35.00 fee is nonrefundable, and constitutes your agreement to the rules of the FTDB Challenge


 Make us both proud! Go forth and Finish the Damn Book!

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Finish The Damn Book Challenge - Entry Form - 2017

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